YouReka: Ideas. Innovation. Impact
By Emelyn Chen Follow | Public

YouReka is an event with a series of talks and interactive sessions organised by JCI Youth UNMC. The name of this event is adopted from the Greek term Eureka. Originated from Ancient Greece, the term Eureka was coined by Greek mathematician Archimedes, who had made significant inventions and discoveries. Ever since then, the word Eureka has always been used to describe the joy and excitement of making new discoveries as well as getting new ideas. Furthermore, to add a tinge of Malaysian touch to it, the last two syllables of the word YouReka would be read in Bahasa Malaysia, which may be defined as ‘create’.

In YouReka 2017, we are gathering a line of speakers from different entrepreneurial backgrounds, but with equally significant achievements to share with us their YouReka! moments. The main objectives of this event include serving as a platform that engages participants with invited entrepreneurs, as well as inspiring university students to start initiatives of their own which can make a positive social impact. With a focus on entrepreneurship, this upcoming YouReka will gather youth entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, as well as social entrepreneurs.

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